Our Mission

Transform the permitting and regulatory review process

At ComplyAI, our mission is to make complex permitting and code compliance processes simple, transparent, and efficient. Our platform is designed to benefit both professionals in the design and construction industry and local government officials.

With our automated and scalable pre-screening platform, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors (AECs) can easily develop building permit applications that are complete, code-compliant, and simple to evaluate.

We work directly with local governments to design tailored compliance workflows, empowering project teams to swiftly identify any missing information or non-compliant issues. By resolving critical code conflicts before permit submission, applicants experience a significant reduction in the number of corrections and revisions needed during the entire permitting process.

By automating and streamlining compliance checks, our software provides significant time and resource savings for both AECs and municipalities.

how it works

In Our Partner Cities

We empower AECs and owners with tools to quickly identify critical gaps in permit applications ahead of manual plan check, so that corrections can be made proactively.

Start a permit application

Applicants create a new project on our permit application portal. Our platform guides users to accurately enter project details (e.g. building height, areas, etc.) and upload any necessary documents and plans.

Prescreen and revise project

Applicants click evaluate and our AI engine prescreens project details against city-specific regulations, telling you what is compliant, non-compliant, or requiring manual review. Applicants revise projects to meet compliance prior to submission or provide additional documentation for exceptions/variances used.

Generate a Compliance Report

Applicants generate and download a report that details the project’s compliance with each applicable regulation.

Submit your permit application

Follow any additional instructions from the municipality on how to attach/upload the generated compliance report to your permit application. All our partner cities have committed to expedite permits that have been pre-screened for compliance on our platform.

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